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Gates Open Research is a platform for rapid author-led publication and open peer review of research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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  • Enables researchers to publish any research outputs they want to share, supporting reproducibility and transparency
  • Uses an open research publishing model: rapid publication followed by open invited peer review
  • Includes citations to all supporting data, enabling reanalyses, replication and reuse
© Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Christopher Farber

Benefits for 澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖查询 澳洲幸运10全国统一开奖结果 Researchers

  • Enables authors, not editors, to decide when to make their research available.
  • Authors suggest peer reviewers and control the process.
  • All types of research can be published rapidly: articles, data sets, null results, protocols, case reports, incremental findings and more.
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Benefits for 澳洲幸运10开奖历史记录 澳洲幸运10官网历史记录 Research

  • Aims to shift the way research and researchers are evaluated.
  • Moves away from journal-based measures towards direct assessment of individual outputs.
  • Supports research assessment based on the intrinsic value of the research, not the venue of publication.
© Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Prashant Panjiar

Benefits for Society

  • Reduces the barrier to collaborative research through data sharing, transparency and attribution.
  • Reduces research waste and helps to remove the bias in our understanding of research.
  • Enables others to build upon new ideas right away, wherever and whoever they are.
Trevor Mundel

The Gates Foundation is dedicated to the belief that all lives have equal value and everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life. To solve the challenges of the 21st century, we must accelerate open access to high-quality research on health, education, and economic development. Gates Open Research is designed to ensure that the research we fund can be of immediate benefit to society.

Trevor Mundel
President of Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation